Our Masonic Meeting Halls


To understand the activity in the meeting halls, the basic layout for the Symbolic Lodges is hereby provided.
Lodge Halls are described as oriented East to West. This is not geographic East and West. One enters the Lodge Hall from the West and the Worshipful Master (presiding officer) sits in the East. The Senior Deacon and Secretary are seated to the Master’s right, and the Chaplain and Treasurer sit to the Master’s left. The Junior Warden sits in the South and the Senior Warden sits in the West. The Junior Deacon sits on the Senior Warden’s right and, in front of the Senior Warden, are the Senior Master of Ceremonies, Pursuivant, and Junior Master of Ceremonies. The Tyler is outside the Lodge Hall door.

The term “Worshipful” is an old English term, simply meaning respectful. The activity taking place in the Lodge Hall is the Opening and Closing of the Lodge, the Business of the Lodge, the Election and Installation of the Officers, and the Conferral of the three degrees: Entered Apprentice, Fellow Craft, and Master Mason Degrees.


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